Wisdom Teeth and Lipo Surgery In Same Month. Is There Risk Of Being Under General Anesthesia Back To Back?

I plan to have lipo on my abdomen, thigh and hip. The surgeon suggested that I undergo general anesthesia. However, I heard there's a chance of loss of cognitive function/ brain damage. Also, each time that you undergo this anesthesia, memory loss would increase. Is this true? I found out that I also have to have my wisdom teeth removed under general anesthesia, but since I'm only free in July, would it be dangerous to have two surgery under general in the same month? maybe even a week apart?

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Avoid general anesthesia with liposuction if within same month as general anesthesia for wisdom teeth

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There may be an increased risk for complications having to undergo general anesthesia frequently.  Certainly, there are patients who need to for emergent surgeries for complications following a previous surgery, such as general surgery for intestinal work, etc. but if your surgeries are elective you should consider not having two in one month.  You could consider having liposuction done with tumescent anesthesia (local, large volume, dilute) and some medication by mouth to relax you. This is how tumescent liposuction is commonly done thereby avoiding general anesthesia and IV sedation too. The number of areas though may need to be limited as the local anesthetic volume has to be within a safe range for you. Speak to your surgeon about this.

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Two surgeries in a month, is that safe?

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In general, we try not to perform a major surgery within one month following another significant surgery. There is some suggestion that it may predispose you to developing blood clots. Obviously your safety is the top priority so don't risk it by performing elective surgery under general anesthesia in the same month.

Jeffrey Kenkel, MD
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