Weird columella shape 18 months after open rhinoplasty (Photo)

Is there anything that can be done about the very wide columella base? I had an alar base reduction as part of my rhinoplasty which I think also contributes to the overall odd shape of the nostrils. However, I think the most unnatural piece is the thickened columella base & rapid tapering.

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Weird columella shape 18 months after open rhinoplasty

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It's important to understand what procedures were performed during your open rhinoplasty, in order to be able to make any revision surgical changes to that area of the nose.  It's best to obtain the old records your primary surgery.  A columella-plasty can certainly make improvements 


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There are a number of potential things that can be done.The key issue is what you have had done to date and your present anatomy both of which will dictate the various options available.

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Nicolas, indeed there is some widening of the columella  and from the base view you provided it appears as though the incision across the columella is slightly stepped at the margin of the nostril.  This contributes to the distortion of this very subtle piece of soft tissue between the nostrils.  These irregularities and deformities can be improved with revision surgery and must be executed in the context of the remainder of the nose.the base of the columella also needs narrowing to create a more natural appearance to the nasal sill.

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