My nose is really fat, big, and close to my face. Will it be like this?

I had a revision nose job 7 weeks ago, and right now it's really fat, big and close to my face, will it be like this or is it just the swelling? My before was really skinny, small, but over projected. I'm really scarred it will always look like it does now and I'm so depressed. Thank you doctors for answering my questions and I'm glad your here for us.

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Fat Nose after Revision Rhinoplasty

Thank you for your question. I am sorry to hear that you are having a difficult time right now. It might be helpful for you to post your before and after photographs to give us a better understanding of the problem.

Revision surgery often results in more swelling than a primary operation and it may take 6 months or longer to appreciate the eventual size and shape of your nose. Since you are only 7 weeks out from surgery there is plenty of time for continued improvement. Bear in mind that anytime a nose is reduced in size, there is excess nasal skin that must adapt to the remaining nasal framework (cartilage and bone). Thin, younger and more elastic skin will adapt more quickly and completely than thicker, older and less elastic skin. Thick skin may not completely shrink to a smaller-sized nasal framework and can make the nose appear bigger or fatter.

It is also possible that your surgeon has reduced the framework (bone and cartilage) of your nose excessively. Too much de-projection of the tip can make the nose appear wider and closer to your face.  I suggest that you discuss these concerns directly with your surgeon.  If the nose has been over-reduced there are corrective measures that can be taken. Best of luck

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Swelling after revision rhinoplasty

At seven weeks you are still very swollen. From what you are describing, it sounds like you are progressing normally. De-projecting the nose is a tough thing to heal from. Imagine there is an underlying structure which the nasal skin drapes over. When you make that structure smaller, you do not concurrently remove any of the covering. That means you are putting the same size skin over a smaller scaffolding, which the body fills in with edema. This will take a while to resolve but as the swelling improves, you will start to see the underlying structural changes. I would give it at least 6 months to see where the results are headed. It will still take over a year to see any final results.

Best of luck

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