Follow-Up Question - Possibly ruining my rhinoplasty results? (photo)

I'm currently a year post op of rhinoplasty and the tip of my nose is assymetrical. I'm wondering if it's something that I caused? Before I got my bandages off, I had sex and I also never really slept with my head straight. I'm wondering if this along with lifting too song couldve possibly shifted the tip of my nose. I've gone to my surgeon and he's not sure but he thinks it could just be from the healing process. I'm considering revision but worried it could get worse.

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Thank you for sharing your question and photographs. Based on the information you've provided it does not sound like you could have done anything that would have affected your rhinoplasty result. The most likely explanation is that the current condition of the nose is from "the healing process", which usually involves some unpredictable amount of scarring and fibrosis. Keep in mind that the nose takes a very long time to completely heal, in most case about a year. At this point, any deviations or asymmetries of the nasal tip are unlikely to resolve "on their own" and would likely require a revision procedure to correct them. Your concern about making the nose "worse" is valid. Be sure your rhinoplasty surgeon has a lot of experience with revision rhinoplasty. If not, consider a second or third opinion. Best of luck,Dr. Harmych 

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