Lifting after otoplasty. Have I damaged my results?

I was doing curls in the gym and began to feel pain in my left ear. I'm wondering if because of exerting those muscles that it could be the cause of the pain and warmth in my ear. I'm 8 months post op and I'm worried that I could have affected my results because I only felt pain in one ear. There was a little bit of sharp pain and the ear began to get really warm.

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I doubt that you caused damage to your ear from lifting, being 8 months post op. It is possible that something is going on with your ear and the additional blood flow to your ear during exertion caused you to feel discomfort. .Pain is our bodies way of alerting us to a possible problem. I agree with my peers; make an appointment with your board certified plastic surgeon to evaluate your ear in person. Good luck.

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Lifting after otoplasty

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You are 8 months after surgery and I doubt doing curls can damage your result.  Pain and warmth are 2 of the 4 cardinal signs of inflammation. The other two are swelling and redness.  I suggest seeing your surgeon to make sure no infectious/inflammatory process is going on.  From the otoplasty perspective, the first thing to rule out is a stitch irritation.  From a general ear perspective, lots of ear conditions can cause ear pain and warmth.  If your otoplasty surgeon is trained from an ENT background, I am sure they will look into it.

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Otoplasty and Lifting

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Thank you very much for your question.

Damage caused by lifting 8 months following an otoplasty procedure would be highly unusual.  However, I suppose it's possible.  I recommend contacting your surgeon for an evaluation.  I have a feeling that you will get a "clean bill of health" but always safer to have it checked out if you have a concern.  Best of luck! 

Daniel Krochmal, MD
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Pain after otoplasty

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 From the store you have told, it's hard for me to believe that eight months later after surgery there could be a spontaneous bleed in the scarred space. There are certainly lots of other things that can cause pain in the ear. I would have you see your plastic surgeon and then maybe an ears, nose, and throat surgeon to check out the ear on the inside. Good luck.

Marc J. Salzman, MD, FACS
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