I had Breast implant surgery almost 9 months ago. Have my Implants Bottomed Out? (photo)

I had Breast implant surgery almost 9 months ago. 1 month after surgery I noticed my Right breast was a lot lower then the left! I went in at 6 weeks after for my check up and I addressed my concern. He said they looked great and nobody is perfect once they settled in the other one would lower a bit. 9 months later they both seem to be to low the right still lower then the left. I need to know what to expect! Will they continue to lower. Are they abnormal?

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Bottoming out

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Hi, it appears that they may have bottomed out a little but not enough to be concerned with.  Bottoming out is a problem with I plants and especially smooth walled implants.  Unfortunately it may get worse.   Keep an eye n it and follow up with your doctor regularly.  

Good luck!    

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Have my Implants Bottomed Out?

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It is hard to say without seeing pre-op photos. 

Classically, this diagnosis is made when the implants descend and lift the breast fold off the chest wall. I don't really see that in the photos The implants do look a little low, but if they are not changing, I don't think anything needs be done. Overall , this looks like a nice outcome.

All the best. 

Jourdan Gottlieb, MD
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9 months after breast implants

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It does look like they are a bit low. I think that depends a bit on what you started with in terms of your folds, and how large the implants are.

Steven Wallach, MD
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Breasts have bottomed out

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Your breasts have bottomed out slightly.  More on the right than the left.  Early after surgery if you notice your breast bottoming out it is important to always wear a bra to minimize the physical weight of the implant from stretching the internal capsule.  If you have not formed much of a breast capsule, i.e. the breast are really soft then you are at risk of bottoming out over time.  This is especially true if you do not wear good support.  Good support would include a bra that is padded on the bottom.  If you notice your breast to be dropping you should wear a padded bra and insert an additional gel pad often called a "Chicken cutlet" on the bottom of the breast.  This continuous pressure may gradually shrink the internal capsule and after many months prevent the bottoming out to progress.   Once the internal scar is stable which is around a year this will happen less, but you should still always wear a bra.   

Benjamin Chu, MD, FACS
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After breast augmentation a distance greater than 8 cm from the areola to the infra mammary crease is a sign of early bottoming

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The breasts in the picture are large and any bottoming out phenomenon would be very early. If the distance from the areola will to decrease in breasts of that size is less than 8 cm in my opinion there is nothing to worry about for now.

9 Months and Bottomed Out

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  I would agree that the implants look a little low.  However, I would not expect them to change much at this point.  Preoperative pictures would help to assess this situation.  Sometimes, pockets are altered to avoid lifts and alter nipple areola symmetry. 

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