Mixed Answers on a 2nd Round of Fat Transfer to Buttox. Whats Right?

I had a BBL/TT w/MR 3/5/12. 500 cc's injected into each cheek. I think maybe 30% didnt reabsorb & stuck around. I am going back in mid January for a small scar revisision, more lipo & then another fat transfer into my butt. My doc thinks that MAYBE (total) he can get another 500cc so possibly 250 in each side. I've heard 2 different things on this. 1) that the 2nd time the % that thrives and stays is in the 80-90%+ and 2) the complete opposite...that hardly any sticks? Whats right & why??

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Repeat Brazilian Buttlift - More or Less Survives?

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        No studies have been done on this, but on the secondary Brazilian buttlifts that I have performed the percent that lives is around 30 to 50%, similar to the primary operation.  There is no reason that fat should not live at about the same rate.  Anatomically, more fat should be able to be injected, particularly if only 500 ml was used the first time.  However, there is no physiologic reason why more fat should survive.

Repeat bbl

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Repeat BBl take depend supon the technqiue used. I think in general most will say they get about 60-70% take.  I do not think it would change much after a secondary procedure.

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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Second round of fat transfer is Brazilian Butt Lift

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While having to repeat the BBL is not the plan, it happens sometimes as people sometime wish they were bigger. I think there is some truth that fat survival the second time is better. This is probably because the fat that is harvested is very hardy and had already survived a previous liposuction procedure. There is no scientific study looking into the reason.

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Brazilian Butt Lift Usually Successful in One Step

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Thank you for your question.   The brazilian butt lift procedure is usually successful in one step.  Approximately 60-80% of fat survives with tranfer if harvested and handled appropriately.  It is more likely that you were undercorrected at the first procedure.  It is important to discuss your expectations about augmentaiton clearly with your surgeon.  You should do well with a second tranfer.  Best wishes!

How successful is the fat transfer the second time around?

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A second fat transfer is not uncommon. What is interesting is that the success rate of the second fat grafting take is very high, over 90%. We're not sure what the reason is , although we have different theories. Suffice it to say that the second fat grafting is usually highly successful. Good luck!

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