Should Only a Fellowship Trained Prosthodontist Do Tooth Implants?

There are very few dentists who have completed post-graduate studies in prosthodontic dentistry in my area, and certainly none within my mother's insurance network. There are general dentists who are willing to perform my mom's implant procedure (two front teeth), but should I only go to a dentist certified by the American Board of Prosthodontics?

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Who is qualified to do implants?

I would look at the experience of your general dentist that your Mom sees first. She may be more comfortable with him since she is his patient.  I would not be concerned whether it is a prosthodontist, but the experience that Dr. has in placing implants and his track record doing it.  In our practice, we have a periodontist who does implants and is very good at it. In my experience as a general dentist for the last 40 years, periodontists usually are the ones doing the implant cases and the general dentists do the work after the implant has been placed.  Do your homework and see what the record is on success of your mother's dentist in placing implants and how many of them he has done and their longevity!  Forget the certification from the American Board of Prosthodontics, TakeandBake, many prosthodontists do not DO implants!  Do your research on experience  and sucess vs. degrees!   Good luck to your Mom!

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Who is most qualified to perform Dental Implants

That's a very tough question to answer.  Obviously more training is always better.  There are dentists and prosthodontists who are proficient in implant placement and restoration.  There are also dentists and prosthodontists who do NOT place implants. Proper training and experience level may be more important than the specialty. 


I would ask the dentist, prosthodontist, periodontist or an oral surgeon on how many cases like that of your mother's they handle each year.  Do they have a portfolio of patients with before and after photos.  Also, do you and your mother feel comfortable spending what maybe a year in this doctor's office? All those factors are important to consider. The anterior region is a challenge to all of us who place dental implants. And it's important to understand all the possible outcomes before getting involved with treatment. Good Luck!

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Who Should Do Implants

Unless there's some reason your mother's case is particularly difficult, it's not necessary to have a board certified prosthodontist do her implants. If there is a prosthodontist you like, and you are o.k. with the higher fees, then you should work with them. Experience is important here, you can get great results with an oral surgeon or periodontist placing the implants and a general dentist restoring them.

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Should only a fellowship dentist do my moms implant?

The degree is not as important as the doctors experience... Ask to look at before and after photos ask how many they have done. Your terms are confused. Their are board certified Prosthodontist but normally not trained in surgical placement of implants only trained in placing and making the crown. Their are general dentist who have a fellowship in implants surgery and restoring. Many time one person places the implant and another restores it. Some will do both and their are advantages to both good luck


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