Odd pain at 8 months post op? What would need to be done if I wanted to downsize implants? Other options/suggestions please?

6/2015 got 500cc via armpit, unhappy w lack of projection. 12/2015 had a implant exchange done under the breast fold, exchanged for 700cc UHP Silicone w the existing pocket (under muscle) he said no pocket work was done (only lowered crease and "bottom 1/3rd" was worked on. Thought I was getting HP not UHP. I have a pulling feeling from my nipple to the crease that u can't see, but it hurts & bras make it worse. What would need to be done if I want to downsize my implants & resolve the pain?

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I am not sure the cause of the pain.  Its possible that may be elicited on physical exam, but maybe not.  You could downsize at any time based on what you want.  Depending on how much you downsize, and how well your tissue rebounds, you may need a breast lift too.  

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