Before & after Labiaplasty suggestions?

Every doctor seems to have their own pre & post op suggestions for every surgery. What are some before & after suggestions you have for a Labiaplasty to help with healing, no infections, scarring, etc.?

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Labiaplasty suggestions

I have attached a list of pre and op instructions I give all my labiaplasty patients. Every doctor is different and has different post op instructions. Follow the instructions given to you by your doctor.

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Post operative instructions

Your first step is to consult with a fully qualified plastic surgeon with experience in labiaplasty surgery.  Avoid smoking prior to and after surgery.  The area is prone to swelling which can persist for some time so its a good idea to spend the first 24 hours after surgery reclining with pillow under your bottom and cold packs. Vigorous activity needs to be avoided for at least a month.  Keep the area clean with a squeeze bottle to irrigate and gently dry.  Every surgeon has their own post operative protocol so its important to follow your own surgeons advice.

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Labiaplasty post op instructions

Hi, I agree w/ the other answers so far! The post-op recovery from labiaplasty is typically very easy. Of course most surgeons have their own preferences or particulars, but for the most part you really don't need to do much of anything as the area has excellent blood flow and risk of scarring or infection is minimal. We also utilize a skin glue as part of our labiaplasty regimen and therefore this helps minimize risk of both scarring and infection. 

The most important thing post-op is to take it easy and not over-do it!  This area is very difficult not to irritate with activity, so it is very important to take it easy for a couple weeks! That doesnt mean you can't go to work etc, most of our patients return to work, school etc within a day or two after the procedure and do fine. We recommend ice on and off for 48 hours for discomfort and to minimize swelling as well. 

Of course, the most important thing for a great result is to ensure you choose the right surgeon!! The surgeon should have EXTENSIVE experience in not only labiaplasty but also vaginal reconstruction surgery and cosmetic vaginal surgery. Ensure you see a great deal of before and after pictures from your surgeon and find out exactly how many of these surgeries and what techniques the surgeon utilizes. They should be competent in ALL the various techniques for labiaplasty as no two labiaplasties are exactly alike. This gives you the best chance at your optimal outcome. 

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Pre and Post Op Suggestions for Optimum Healing

Hi April,
If you smoke, refrain for several weeks before and while you are healing. Tissue does not heal as well on smokers. You will be given a list of do's and don'ts from your surgeon so you are clear on expectations on your end. Know the closer you follow your surgeon's post op instructions, the better your results will be. I advise keeping an icepack on the perineum for the first 72 hours for 15-20 minutes on, 5 to 10 minutes off (or as often as you can). The ice REALLY helps cut down on swelling! No baths, shower only, and keep the area clean down with warm water and mild soap. Use only tampons during your periods and no sex for 6 weeks. No swimming and no hot tubs for 4 weeks. Try to minimize the amount of walking you do as you don't want constant back and forth rubbing over your labia while they are healing. (Please no tight clothes while you are healing and that includes yoga pants and jeans). Don't use any types of cream or ointment on the area. And finally avoid constipation. You can take some stool softeners to help with this. A good tip is to support your perineum with your fingers while going to the bathroom as that area naturally expands during a bowel movement and can put tension on that area.  Best of Luck!
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Pre- and post-op labiaplasty suggestions

Attached as a weblink are my basic post-op suggestions (also, visit other areas of this educational site). Pre-op: trim your hair, cleanse the area, no aspirin or NSAIDs for 10 days prior, no smoking 3 weeks before (& after), start anti-herpes medication if you have a history of genital herpes.  After- gentle cleanses (pat dry and/or use a hair dryer hi-blow/low-heat), loose clothing, keep your hands off it, take pain pills every 4 hours automatically for the first 24 hours, and stay off your feet unless necessary for the first 5-10 days, depending on procedure... MOST IMPORTANT? See an EXPERT specifically in women's genital plastic/cosmetic surgery, someone who has done hundreds, who has "...seen it all." Might cost a bit more, but as in other things, " get what you pay for..!"


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Labiaplasty strategy

The perineal area is always lower than your heart so it is prone to more swelling and more prolonged swelling than other parts of the body (it is impossible to elevate the labia after surgery!).  Best recommendations are as follows:

1) Consult a surgeon who has a lot of experience with this procedure;

2) Spend the first 24 hours after labiaplasty reclining with cold packs on the area;

3) Plan 2-3 weeks of relatively quiet activities;

4) Be prepared for prolonged swelling (4 weeks);

5) Avoid genital contact for 4-6 weeks

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Labiaplasty recovery is easy

There is no need to overthink this: keep the area clean, keep pressure off it, and don't put any garbage on it for 6 weeks, then see your surgeon.  The only challenge is what to do on the toilet bowl and during your menses. Don't rub forcefully, irrigate gently with water/liquid soap, and use pads not tampons.

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Before & after Labiaplasty suggestions?

Thank you for sharing your excellent question.  In most cases one wants to limit the swelling that can take place in the first few days of surgery and this means pelvic elevation with the use of extra pillows under the buttocks, ice packs for the tissues, and a thick emollient to the tissue such as Aquaphor.  Most patients find a squeeze bottle with an angled neck useful for hygiene purposes as well as feminine pads for drainage.  Maintaining a clean diet of lean meats and vegetables with a daily multivitamin doesn't hurt, and some patients find supplement use of arnica and bromelain beneficial.  Hope this helps.

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2 doctors, 3 opinions

alt least that's how the saying goes. 

I like simplicity in all of my protocols. That means, for labiaplasty recovery:



Water spray and pat dry

I provide small recovery kits to my patients to help with these little details. Simplicity is beauty or something. Like that. :)

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