Painful chest wall 15 months after masectomy? (Photo)

I had a failed attempt at reconstruction and my left side rejected extender. Now it's my skin attached to chest wall and so painful. Plastic surgeon says he can't help me. I asked him why and he said there is no cure. You are a case that he can't help. I'm miserable 15 months after masectomy and a failed reconstruction (extender rejection and Alloderm removed). Had chemo and radiation with extender and Alloderm in place. I need help please. Range of motion compromised too. Please help.

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Attached mastectomy flap after expander removal

Bodies rarely "reject" expanders or implants. They most often are removed when some infection causes a reaction or if the tissue around the implant has poor blood supply and does away, leaving the implant exposed without tissue coverage. If this is the case, even if no further reconstruction is done, It should be possible to separate the attachment from the flap to the muscle to make it less painful for you. It's also possible to place a flap of tissue from around the back or from the lower abdomen to create fullness. If fresh tissue is introduced, you may have success at a second chance with an implant, if one is needed at all. You may have enough tissue in your abdomen so that you don't need an implant. If your current surgeon says this is not possible, or if he/she does not perform those procedures, try a second opinion with a surgeon who has had success in these situations. If nothing else, detaching the point at which it is "stuck" can be considered from a variety of different approaches. 

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