I was a failure with reconstruction and want to go completely flat. (Photo)

I've been in chronic pain since day one of masectomy 7-28-15. . The left side gave me such pain and doctors couldn't find anything wrong. The extenders removed on 3-1-16 and still the same pain on left side. The fold on left is annoying me continually and there is hygiene issues with the folds. It's so tight on left I can't stand it. Range of motion on left limited. I had a radio frequency ablation on 11-18 -16 and hope to finally become pain free. Can I find doctor to make me flat?

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Breast skin removal

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Sorry to hear about your situation. Although I cannot say that any surgery would eliminate your pain, a plastic surgeon should be able to remove the excess skin. That should help with hygiene issues and make it easier to wear a prosthesis should you choose to.  I would recommend you contact a plastic surgeon that specializes in breast surgery and is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery for a consultation and advice.

Good Luck to you

Dr. Z

Breast reconstruction options

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Thanks for your question, and I'm sorry to hear about your problems. Yes, I've seen patients very similar to you who request simply to be more "flat." Plastic surgeons can remove excess breast and axillary skin to help give you a more flattened, smooth contour. That way, prosthetics can be made to fit more comfortably. I'd get a consult with a surgeon near you. Best wishes.

Breast reconstruction

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Yes.  If you have failed breast reconstruction and seek to not move forward with reconstruction any further I would recommend a mastopexy .  This would involve removing skin that is hanging to tighten and flatten your breasts.  That would be an option.  Another is to move forward with reconstruction.  Options include using a muscle flap from your back or tummy or consider fat grafting.  I would tend to want to do the back muscle with an implant.   Just a thought.  Best to talk to a board certified plastic surgeon. Good luck .

Going flat

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There are patients like yourself who have failed breast reconstruction for whatever reason and want to go flat.  You can definitely find a PS who can remove the excess tissue for you.  Best wishes!

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