I had an accident on lower part of chin and had around 4 stitches. Now is it possible to regrow the hair in affected part?

After the stitches are removed a line of hair is lost in lower chin part,is it possible to regrow hair in affected part.

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Accident with scar on chin

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You should be seen by a doctor to determine what can and should be done. I can't tell without a picture at a minimum

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Scarring and follicular injury

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Injury to the skin leads to scarring if the injury is deep enough. It will take 6-9 months for full healing to take place and to figure out if the hair in that area will regenerate or not. Often, there is is some permanent hair loss after injury of this manner.Hair transplantation is possible once the area has healed.

Jeff Donovan, MD, PhD
Vancouver Dermatologist

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