How can I get rid of my Melasma without having to spend thousands of dollars? (photos)

I am 33 and have been suffering with melasma for over 10 yrs. I am currently pregnant with my third and last child and it's getting worse than it's ever been. I am looking for something I can buy for a reasonable price to help with my uneven skin tone. It's so embarrassing and I'm tired trying creams that don't work. I have been using Rodan and Fields Reverse line for a year and there are no signs of improvement. What do u recommend ? Help!

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Treatment of Melasma

Melasma is a combination of hormonal stimulus of the skin and sun exposure. The first thing you need to do is to prevent further sun damage as much as possible.Since most of this is caused by UVA, you need to block it. The most practical method of doing so is use of a zinc oxide sun block daily.These now go on clear and will block UVA unless you rub or wash them off. The next step is reversing what you are have.There are 2 methods of doing this. One is an IPL, a laser like machine that can reduce the brown spots significantly. It does, however, require several treatments. The other option is to use a skin lightener. Still the best one of these is hydrocodone. My preferred method of using this is with the Obagi Nu-Derm system.However, as with any drug that has not been tested during pregnancy, you probably should not use this until you deliver and are no longer breast feeding. There is, however, nothing that is "cheap" but these work and most people think are well worth the cost.

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