Is a perineoplasty ever covered by insurance or is it always considered cosmetic?

IS pereneoplasty ever covered by insurance I have no interest in life I'm tormented by my constantly open vagina /lack of perennium 24/7 I begged my obgyn to fix it (because I had a second degree tear which popped a stitch) when I had a&p repair from birth of my 2nd - she refused saying she's seen worse and I missed my chance I think I don't see any reason to carry on other than raise my 2 boys I'm a single mom on assistance can't afford plastic surgery

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Perineoplasty is a procedure that modifies the vaginal opening. If the operation is performed to correct painful intercourse (dyspareunia), it is covered by insurance, but if it is purely for cosmetic reasons, it may not be covered.

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Perineoplasty coverage by insurance

Thank you for your question and I am sorry for the problems you encountered after your vaginal deliveries. Generally, any plastic or cosmetic procedure is not covered by an insurance, unless there is a medical indication ( reason). You may contact your doctor and ask for any advise as to a potential referral or attempt to find a gynecologist or urogynecologist who can evaluate your perineum and vaginal area and provide you with a more objective information than your obstetrician.

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Is aesthetic amd tightening perineoplasty covered by insurance?

Unfortunately, it is not. This does not mean you are unattractive, nor does it mean you can't have an enjoyable sexual life and enjoy a partner. Your prospective lover(s) will enjoy your spirit, your sexuality, your desire and arousal. A focus on what you (but most likely not your future partner) feel is "unattractive" will only dampen your spirit and serves little purpose. Save up as much as you can, and do your research. There may be a plastic/cosmetic surgeon or cosmetic gynecologist within your geographic reach who will listen to you, evaluate you, and give you a discount. As my son says, "...It's all good..!"

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Perineoplasty is not covered by insurance

If you've had an A&P repair and any portion of that requires a revision for recurrence of sagging vaginal walls, then that would be covered, but simply to tighten the perineum would not.

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My obgyn refused to fix my open vagina!

Hello Malecai,

I'm sorry to hear about your situation. Your own ob/gyn refused to perform a proper reconstructive and cosmetic repair because she doesn't know how to do it properly without fear of creating another problem. The question for you is - do you really want someone who is inexperienced in vaginal rejuvenation to perfom your surgery and bill it to insurance, or do you want someone whose done thousands of these and do it properly.

I would recommend saving your money and/or looking for medical financing. In the meantime look for an expert surgeon in vaginal rejuvenation. In this area of surgery....You get what you pay for.

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