How long will it take for pearl laser hyperpigmentation to go back to normal?

It's been 8 days post pearl laser resurfacing (not the pear fractional) and my stomach is now brown in the area treated and still honey comb appearance in texture. How long will it take to go back to normal? Please help it looks so much worse than it did before.

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Pearl hyperpigmentation

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Pearl off the face region takes longer to recover. If you have completely healed, which I would expect by day 12 to 14, it is time to start a skin lightening agent such as hydroquinone or kojic acid. Also additional exfoliation helps using an alpha hydroxy acid or retinol will help. It takes several weeks to see the fading of hyperpigmentation and sometimes requires additional treatment but at this  point, it is not unusual. Hang in there, you have a lot of healing left to do.

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