Will injectable filler lift a droopy nasal tip? (Photo)

I had revision rhinoplasty on Oct. 31 2016. I had a hump on my nose taken off, but the tip still has its original droopy shape. I know to wait a minimum of 3 months before doing anything, but I'm wondering for later on if filler would help add a little lift to the tip. Is it a good idea, or would I have to do a third rhinoplasty?

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Fillers after rhinoplasty

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Since it has been only one week after your surgery it is very difficult and premature to make any judgement . .

From this limited photo. It appears your septal angle ( the area above the tip is somewhat high ) You have a prominent nasal spine and the use of fillers to " lift" the tip is limited . It will be easier to make some judgement after 3 months but a physical exam is necessary to determine what is the best course of action . Discuss your concerns with your surgeon .


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