Is it possible to enlarge the orbital bone? (Photos)

Are there any options for enlarging the orbital bone? I know there are procedures to enlarge the eye by cutting the eyelid lateraly, and there is double eyelid surgery. I have hooded eyes but with a crease, excess fat, not sagging skin but puffy upper lid fat that causes my lids to look heavy. Is there a way to enlarge the orbital bone to hollow out the upper eyelid and create a deeper crease? I attached photos and I'm looking at the area next to the nose between the eye and brow.

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There are many ways to wreck yourself and very few things that will not degrade your appearance.

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It is very important to understand that the world is not organized as it appears.  Just because you see suggestive photographs on the internet, that does not mean that something will work for you.  Lateral canthal surgery is different in North American than say South Korea.  In South Korea, based on the internet, you might believe that canthoplasty increases the size of the eyes.  It does not.  Canthal surgery performed cosmetically in South Korea is a failed surgery that leaves the outer corner of the eyes distorted and dysmorphic.  It can expose more lateral sclera but the aesthetic price does not balance this increase exposure.  Repairing this injury is very difficult.  In the West lateral canthal surgery is something altogether different.  It is a lower eyelid tightening procedure designed to support the lower eyelid.  It can and does move the lateral canthal angle laterally which technically makes the horizontal palpebral issue wider.  However it also pulls the eyelid margins closer together so if anything it makes the eyes smaller.   I am sure that you might find a surgeon in the world who would attempt to burr off your orbital bone but I can guarantee you that you will look worse as a result.  You do have upper eyelid ptosis and upper eyelid lash ptosis.  This can be improved using an approach I call structured microblepharoplasty.  Less is more.  For your cheeks, you need more projection not less.

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Orbital Bone

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Thank you for posting your question.  I would suggest a consultation with a board certified oculoplastic surgeon to discuss your concerns and goals.  Good luck!

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