Ruptured saline implant on right side. Any suggestions?

I have a ruptured implant on the right side I just came from a consult and I'm scheduled for removal and replacement. My implants are 10 years old. The ps advised he will only replace the one side is this normal procedure to not replace both?

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10 Year Old Ruptured Implant

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The first possibility is the #replacement of the existing implant. If the implants are #ruptured or more than 10 years old, consideration should also be given to replacement.

The #rupture or #leak of a breast #implant is a very common reason women seek breast implant #revisions. #Ruptured #implants can and should be replaced. You will have to consult with your board-certified Plastic Surgeon to discuss your best options and desired expectations. Depending on the size of implant, you choose the #pocket may need an adjustment and a lift may be necessary; to better #support the new implant. Additionally, a mesh for further support may be helpful depending on the #implant size and skin #elasticity.

It is usually suggested to wait approximately 6 to 12 months between surgeries. Of course this is contingent on the reason for a #breast #implant #revision. Please be advised that each patient is unique and previous results are not a guarantee for individual outcomes. As with all cosmetic surgery, results will be rewarding if expectations are realistic. With any surgical procedure, there are some risks which your doctor will discuss with you during your consultation.

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Ruptured saline implant on right side. Any suggestions?

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Thank you for your question.
Replacing one or both implants is your choice but I would most likely recommend replacing both implants at this time due to the fact that your implants are 10 years old.
You may need to discuss further with your surgeon or seek 2nd opinions with other board certified plastic surgeons.
I hope this and the link below dedicated to breast implant deflation is helpful as you continue to do research.
Best wishes.

Dr Kayser

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Thank you for your question. Since you have already experienced a rupture in one implant at a time when the implant may be nearing the end of their average lifespan, it makes absolutely no sense to not also replace the other implant as well, particularly if its impending rupture could occur at any time. I would discuss this with your doctor. Also, if the rupture occurred within a 10 year period of time, you may still be under warranty. There may be coverage by the manufacturer for part of the surgical costs. I hope this helps and have a wonderful day. Dr Kayser - Detroit

Melek Kayser, MD
Detroit Plastic Surgeon
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Deflated Saline Implant

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Since I have seen many saline implants deflate in the first 6 to 15 years I would suggest replacing both implants. A better idea would be to consider replacement with new cohesive gel silicone implants of a relatively similar size or if you prefer the new Ideal Saline Implant which though filled with saline has a texture closer to that of silicone gel. Think of your disappointment if you replaced one implant and then within months to a year had a deflation on the opposite side. Good luck with your decision.

Jon A. Perlman, MD
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon
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Ruptured saline implants

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If you are my patient with 10-year-old saline implants, I would definitely recommend you replace both to silicone gel. You can imagine how upset you might be if a week later the saline implant that you left behind broke. Good luck.

Marc J. Salzman, MD, FACS
Louisville Plastic Surgeon
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Wow I would always do both at this age

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I can think of no reasonable explanation why you would not replace both. You may benafit from an additional consultation with a board certified plastic surgeon.

Gregory T. Lynam, MD
Richmond Plastic Surgeon
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Ruptured saline implant on right side.

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When an implant is 10 years old we would suggest you replace both and we have worked with both Allergan and Mentor, and they have had no problem with supplying the implants to replace both. This will prevent the situation of a return to replace the left and provides a fresh start for both.

Peter E. Johnson, MD
Chicago Plastic Surgeon
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Time for an upgrade!

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Sorry to hear about your ruptured implant. 

It is of course possible to simply replace the one ruptured implant. In my experience, most people who are facing the same scenario as you would in fact choose to replace both sides with silicone implants.  

Don't be like a recent patient of mine. She had a ruptured saline implant. She insisted on replacing just the broken one. I did it. It looked great....then she came back a month later with the OTHER side ruptured. 

I hope this helps!

Dr. Robert Shenker MD FRCSC 

Replace both implants

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If you have a rupture and the implants are 10 years old then YES you would replace both of these.  I see no reason why you would not just remove and replace both implants.  I would recommend silicone gel implants as these are more durable and should last longer than saline. Might as well just done it all at once.  We call this a tune up in Beverly Hills!  

Look  for a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon.  Good luck!

Andrew Cohen

Andrew T. Cohen, MD
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon
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Replacing one or both saline implants with deflation on one side

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Your implants come with a warranty from the manufacturer which provides a new implant at no cost. usually if it is within 10 years there is an allowance for anesthesia and the facility fee; many plastic surgeons accept this as payment in full so there is no out of pocket expense to the patient. Because the other implant is not deflated, warranty coverage is not applicable so there would be an additional charge if you chose to replace it. Also, some implants last a very long time and if there is no problem with the non-deflated implant then it may be wise to leave it alone. Every surgery has risk.

Richard Baxter, MD
Seattle Plastic Surgeon
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