Should I get a cap on a molar that is black on the inside and still breaking off. Dentist suggest I do. (photo)

You can see in side the tooth where it broke. The dentist said she could not get all the cavity out. It is black. She filled it and said it will
probably break again. Which it has .she suggested a cap
Will it hold if tooth is black like that. Or will it fall out later.should
I just get it pulled.

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Crown vs Extraction

It's very unclear on the picture appearance of the tooth and extend of the breakage. Teeth break often because decay is too extensive and tooth structure is no longer sound and supported. It sounds to me that it might be a chance there is still decay present ( correct me if I am misunderstanding something ) if that's the case and decay is way too far into the tooth root canal and or crown lengthening might be needed to even place the crown on the tooth. I hope every dentist will tell you to try to save the tooth if at all possible but I think the actual exam by a Dentist will give you more insides. If you have further questions please let me know. Thank you

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Dental crown advise...#DrSoftTouch

Unfortunately, I can't see anything in the photo you provided. Crowns are durable restorations that encircle the tooth and are recommend for various reasons. Crowns are often needed when a large cavity threatens the health of a tooth. Your dentist will remove the cavity and prep your tooth for the crown all in one visit. If the cavity is deep and close to or extends into the nerve, root canal therapy would also be necessary. I hope this helps. You can click "save" below my name to follow me on RealSelf if you have more questions down the road.

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