I am a health female, 46 years old and I was diagnosed by a dermatologist with telogen effluvium. Any suggestions?

My hair was shedding and thinning for 5 months, I lost about 40% of my hair all over my scalp, it stopped shedding about a month ago and my hair is very thin and weak and I can see it is not growing. I dis thyroid test and hormones, everything is normal. I am taking Biotin, Vit D, Viviscal and Zinc. Is there a chance that I will have a normal thick hair again? Is there something else I can do to make it grow normal again?

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In general there is no cure for telogen effluvium. Hair loss does stop over time and your hairs will grow back.

In general there is no cure for telogen effluvium.  Hair loss does stop over time and your hairs will grow back.  Taking medications or supplements will not speed this up.

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Telogen Effluvium

There is no real cure for Telogen effluvium. There are some root causes such as stress that cause it so TE management relates to addressing the root cause

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TE in Women

Without seeing your scalp up close and knowinf all your details, it's hard to say. Yes, it is certainly possible you will get hair back but whether it will be all your hair, I can't say.1. Some women with TE develop a component of hair follicle miniaturization post shed - essentially a speeding up of genetic hair loss. 2. In some rare situations the shedding occurs again for unknown reasons (chronic TE).If you have a typical uncomplicated TE, hair growth will resume in 6-9 months. Continue close follow with your dermatologist.

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