Is this normal after 50% Chemical peel? Went to an actual dermatologist office (Photos)

The Dermatologist gave me pads and something She called a pill,it's actually a cream. Got from a wellness pharm. Try out a week before the actual chemical peel. No major reaction. Skin was overly dry. The actual chemical peel burned a lot. Now looks like this on the day after. She had advice to contact her with questions. But being it was my 1st wasn't sure if this is normal. Sadly she's leaving tomorrow (Thursday) for vacation won't return until next Tuesday. What can I do until then?

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Chemical burn/reaction

This reaction is severe and not normal. You need to make sure a physician looks at this and treats it immediately. If your dermatologist doesn't have someone covering for her, you could even see your primary care provider, or go to an urgent care center. I have a minor concern about possible herpes (the cold sore virus) here, although the distribution of the reaction is more consistent with a burn. I would protect the area with Aquaphor, but that is not enough and it needs the attention of a provider now to prevent scarring later.

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