My chin implant is too wide and too long. Smaller chin implant vs. removing chin implant? (Photos)

208/128 208/128 I had a medium implantech antomical extended chin implant put in 9 months ago. I hate it because I have a small face and implant doesn't fit my face. Its too wide and too long. I want to get it out but Im worried about getting a disfigured chin. Do u think putting in a small implant of the same style would be a better option?? Are there silicone implants that can be custom cut To fit your face? I have a naturally crooked chin and the implant made this problem worse.

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My chin implant is too wide and too long. Smaller chin implant vs. removing chin implant?

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Hello mitzipink28,
Thanks for your question.
Yes, you can downsize the implant if you wish.  Some things to consider are that the pocket won't fit perfectly anymore without pocket adjustments (which are difficult to perform) and you may notice worsening of any jowling because of sag of the tissues around the chin (a smaller implant just doesn't revolumize well).
It might make sense to take out the medium implant, shorten the limbs, and replace it to keep the projection of the chin the same while narrowing the width.  This will reduce your chances of postoperative complications.
Discuss your options with your surgeon.
Good luck,
Dr. Shah

Denver Plastic Surgeon
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Chin Implant

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As can happen in females, extended chin implants can make the chin wider in the front view. Too often only the horizontal view is used in preoperative chin implant selection. Your choices are to either change to a preformed central chin implant style or have a custom chin implant made given your pre-existing chin asymmetry.

Chin Implant Selection

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Thanks for your post. If you are unhappy with your present appearance after chin implantation, it seems perfectly reasonable and safe to have it removed. Implants have sizers that are used to determine the proper size prior to insertion of the actual implant. It is hard to say from just a photo whether a smaller size or a different style should be considered, Fortunately, Implantech makes a variety of excellent silastic implant styles and perhaps one can be selected to best suit your needs. One would need to see you in person, exam you, and recommend the best alternative. 

Custom implants are available, but rarely required and are expensive. Most patient do well with thoughtful implant selection and proper placement. 

Fred J. Bressler, MD, FACS
Houston Facial Plastic Surgeon

Revision chin implant candidate

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A full set of photographs of the face and an in-person examination is required to make a determination about upsizing, or downsizing a chin implant, due to the fact that the implants and the mandible are three-dimensional structures. In addition, it is common to have asymmetries present which may need to be addressed as well  with custom carving a Silastic  chin implant. For many examples, diagrams and more information, please see the link and the video below

William Portuese, MD
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