Fillers injected under the under eye muscle.

If having fillers, particularly juvederm voluma injected under the muscles under the eyes to improve tear troughs, does this mean you won't get any visible lumps and bumps, could it make malar bags look worse and could it make the colouration of the muscle look more obvious under the eyes as presumably it will push them closer to the skins surface?

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Voluma in Tear Troughs

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Voluma is not FDA approved to treat the tear troughs.  It is the first FDA hyaluronic injectable to be approved for mid face volume loss.  Voluma has the Vylacross technology with much cohesitvity which enables the product to provide support and lift for the skin.  I do not recommend the use of Voluma in the tear troughs.  It is high risk of visible lumps in this area and there his a possibility of making the malar bags look worse.  Studies have proven, as I have also observed in my practice, when adding Voluma to the Malarr areas as FDA approved, the tear troughs or lid to cheek junction is shortened.  Therefore the tear troughs look better also.

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