Does Radiesse Absorb faster in hands?

I had Radiesse injecting in my hands last week. Each hand received one ,1.5 syringe . I am a very thin 54 year old with visible veins The effect was amazing for approx. 4 days but now , they look almost as they did before I had the injections. Any thoughts?

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Radiesse is a stimulatory filler and you may see final results within 90 days as the collagen is stimulated in the hands and soft tissue. 

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Younger looking hands with Radiesse

Hi Nataliecook. Sorry you are having a post-injection concern. I have consistently seen good persistence of Radiesse when injected into the hands.  Another great product for hand rejuvenation is Sculptra. The fillers provide a stimulus for new collagen ingrowth and serve as a scaffold (like a trellis for a vine)-so you may see some gradual improvement with time.  Be sure to see a board certified Plastic surgeon since the injector's experience is just as important as the product. A follow up visit will help figure out what happened. Good luck!

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