My question is about Cellfina - what is the most amount of tethers you can do and can you do right above the knee also? (Photo)

I am currently scheduled for Cellfina on my thighs but have been told they will only do 30 total, 15 each leg. My cellulite is really bad. I'm 50 and have had lipo 20 years ago on my thighs and they have a saggy appearance along with bad cellulite. I really believe I need significantly more addressed. I was also told they won't do right above my knees but there is where I have an abundance. I want to see if maybe I should go elsewhere.

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Cellfina address the dimples of cellulite, not the skin laxity.

We generally do about 30 dimples per treatment (that seems to be what many need).  We can do more of course if needed.  An individual assessment will help you to understand which areas will give you a good result and which won't.  Above the knee is often more skin looseness than dimpling so Cellfina would not be the best approach.  Consider combining Cellfina for dimples with Thermage or Ultherapy for skin tightening.

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Cellfina works very well on the posterior thigh, buttock and lateral thigh.  The skin laxity that exists in many patients around the knee makes it much more difficult to treat this areas.


Cellfina works very well on the dimples of cellulite. It does not work well on loose skin. Very often the relatively loose skin above the knees mimics cellulite. Go back to your surgeon and discuss this in detail so that you are comfortable in proceeding with your procedure.

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You need a second opinion before having this procedure

The Cellfina cellulite treatment is absolutely NOT indicated for loose skin in the anterior thighs. It will not tighten skin anywhere and may actually make it worse. If your surgeon is willing, I would suggest you have a small "test" treatment in one localized area of the lower anterior thigh and see how it turns out. If I were you, I would not want to be an "experiment" regarding the use of this new technology. Remember, once it is done, there is no going back.

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Cellfina treatment above knees

Hi there, thank you for your photos and question. Cellfina can only be used on the upper posterior thighs and buttocks, those are the FDA cleared treatment areas, and there are important anatomical junctions elsewhere. As for the skin laxity: you may want to try Velashape, Vanquish, and or Thermage for a non-surgical tightening and fat reduction, or consider a full body lift.
Best of luck to you!
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Cellfina above knees?

The ideal candidate for Cellfina is between 25-55 years old, and has a BMI between 18-35. In looking at your photos, it appears you are a candidate for Cellfina. You may need to do more than one treatment if they will only treat 30 dimples at a time. As for the sagging around your knees and above, you may need to have a body lift to address that. Best of luck to you, be well!
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Cellfina treatment areas

Thank you for your question. You do appear to be a reasonable candidate to help improve the cellulite on your buttocks and posterior (back side) thighs. That is correct, that this treatment is really not designed to be used on the front side of the size as of yet. As we gain more experience using it, it is possible that additional sites may be amenable to this technology. However, I do think it would give you a nice improvement, And will be worth visiting with a surgeon near you to discuss it. 

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