Can I put suture tape on an open wound?

I had a tummy tuck done out of state on 9/27, on 9/28 my surgeon removed the suture tape. On 10/6 the stitches above my pubic bone started leaking. I went to the hospital and was told I have several seromas,and the stitching has come apart. However, the surgeons did nothing but send me home and tell me to find a local plastic surgeon to follow up with. None are trying to see me bcuz they didn't do the work. So I need to know if I can buy suture tape and seal it myself? I'm cleaning it twice/ day

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Drainage and wound separation after tummy tuck

Fluid collections or seromas are not uncommon after abdominoplasty procedures. For this reason, drains are often used for a short period of time to prevent fluid collections and improve healing. Most wounds like these are best treated by NOT taping the skin back together. Guaze dressings or a wound vac would be a better option. Please find a plastic surgeon in your area to provide you with the care that you need. Sorry you are having these problems. 

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Open wound

Sorry about your issues.  Usually an open wound is best treated with local wound care and not closed with tape. You should really see a local plastic surgeon to be properly evaluated.

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Can I put suture tape on an open wound?

This a good example of why having a cosmetic procedure done within the USA is so important. Follow up care is one of the most important factors in this type situation. I would return to your Operating Surgeon ( travel to him/her) and get this taken care of . Or contact your Operating Surgeon and see who he/she can refer you to where you live. I do not recommend treating an open wound yourself. Without posted photos, and the benefit of physical exam- it is a challenge to comment accurately especially when  it comes to a post-op complication.

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