Should I have to pay for my revision?

I got a BA 8months ago and about 3-4 months ago my one breast bottomed out. I noticed something was wrong very early on, the bottomed out breast had a totally different shape the entire time. My nipple sits upwards and is extremely pointy. He told me this happened due to my pre-op shape, he said he did to some over correcting of the breast during my initial BA to try to prevent this, but it was never mentioned until I said I wasn't happy. He is charging me 2,500. Is this fair?

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Revision policies

are usually present in every practice and it behooves patients to KNOW what their surgeon's policy is.  If your fee is for the OR and ANES, it is very fair as many practices following this policy.  My own policy involves patients paying for the OR and ANES for up to 1 year after surgery for any issues related to the outcome.  After that, new fees will apply.

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Revision surgery in breast augmentation

All PS offices have different policies in terms of revision costs. If it is immediately post op such as bleeding there is no extra charge in my office , but I do own my own surgery center. A lot of things can be done with local anesthesia such as slight asymmetry or unwanted scarring and these are complimentary too. In your case I will say $2500 is about what it would take to pay OR fees and anesthesia fees without any fees going to the surgeon. These charges are widely accepted as standard as bottoming out is a known complication in breast augmentation and unpredictable. After all one side ended up perfect. Best of luck

David Liland, MD
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Should I have to pay?

The answer to that question can be quite complicated. It's simply depends upon the policies and procedures of that plastic surgeons office. That should be disclosed to the patient before surgery. Our practice is that any revisions within one year after surgery, the surgeons fee will  be waived however the patient is still responsible for operating room cost and Anesthesia.

Ravi Somayazula, DO
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Every surgeon's office is a bit different.  The minimum for a revision is for the patient to cover the cost of the facility which usually includes staffing, cost of the use of the facility, and supplies. $2500 does not sound like a lot.

Steven Wallach, MD
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Thank you for your question and every office has different policies regarding redo's that the patient usually signs prior to surgery so check your paper work.  If nothing else most offices do charge for operating room and supplies.

Dr. Corbin

Frederic H. Corbin, MD
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