Will Total FX Help with "Jowls"?

I have been told I don't have enough loose skin for a face lift, but Total FX will help "rid" me of my little jowls. I have fair skin and am a sissy when it comes to pain. I am not a sun-worshipper but have little lines around mouth and creepiness around eyes. I just want to look rested and younger! I appreciate all the info I can get!

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Rejuvenation for Jowls and Marionette lines

One should consider a multi-prong approach to lines around mouth. Combination of fillers (to achieve immediate replenishment of lost volume), precisely injected Botox (to minimize dynamic lines on the lips and DAO depressor muscles), and Fractional CO2 laser such as Total Fx (to tighten and smooth out skin texture and skin tone) can go a long way to bring out rejuvenation around the mouth.

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Total FX is not for neck and face tightening

I love our Lumenis ActiveFX/DeepFX machine. It really helps with wrinkles and improving skin texture and color. We see impressive tightening around the eyes but not much in the lower face and neck. The skin there is just too thick. You need to look at other options like fillers or a face-lift.... Hope this helps.

Ivan Wayne, MD
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Consider Fillers, Botox or Chemical Peel

Hello Docdor,

Based on your description of things it sounds as though you would be a good candidate for fillers (Restylane, Perlane, Juvederm, Ellevesse, Evolence, etc.) for the lines around your mouth.

Botox is a an excellent option for the "creepiness" around your eyes. I am assuming that by "creepiness" you are referring to wrinkles / crow's feet.

Also consider a chemical peel (TCA/Jessner's - medium depth peel) to improve your overall skin tone, complexion and fine wrinkles. A well done peel can address all of the concerns you have mentioned.

All of these procedures can be done with minimal discomfort and very satisfying results.

My personal opinion is that lasers do not get "rid" of jowls since they only address the skin and jowls result from laxity of the tissues under the skin.

Good luck to you, Dr. J

Kamran Jafri, MD
New York Facial Plastic Surgeon
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