Does Repeat Laser Treatments Pose Greater Scarring Risks?

Is there a danger of "over-lasering" with going through several laser treatments over the years? I'd love an MD's opinion on how much lasering you actually can do on the face without causing scarring.

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It depends on the type of laser and how deep each treatment is

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If the "lasering" is done for wrinkles ( this is usually a CO2 laser ) repeated treatments are usually not necessary. However, if someone had a light CO2 laser done in their early 40's they may require another in their 60's.

If the peel was primarily done for pigments spots, they may have several treatments over the years as they get more of these as they age. These are done with the "cool" lasers.

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Lasers and Scarring

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It is important that you keep track of not only the times you have had lasers, but also the type of lasers used and the areas treated. Just as important are any chemical peels that you may have had, again with the number and type. Remember, all lasers work by generating heat. An experienced laser surgeon can determine what level of treatment (that is the depth) would be necessary based on you skin type, skin damage, prior treatments, etc. Yes, lasers can cause scarring but with an experienced laser surgeon, strict adherence to pre- and post-laser skin care, skin maintenance and follow up with a medical aesthetician, these risks will be signifcantly smaller and if they occur be minimal.

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