Will People Notice That I'm Talking Differently with Invisalign?

I am concerned because I have worn bleaching trays before and they felt bulky in my mouth and made me talk funny.

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May have temporary lisp for a couple of days.

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Generally, we tell patients to expect a lisp for a couple of days. We encourage them to talk as much as possible to get used to the feeling of the trays. Invisalign trays tend to be less bulky than many nightguards and fit better than most bleaching trays.

See my video answer about inserting Invisalign trays under my profile to see me speak with the trays in my mouth.

Toronto Orthodontist

Speech Change with Invisalign

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Any speech change with Invisalign trays is very temporary and usually goes away within a day or two of wearing the first set of trays.

Bleaching trays are of a different thickness than Invisalign, and therefore they don't fit the mouth as well and may cause a noticable speech change.

Jennifer Jablow, DDS
New York Dentist

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