Will IPL Lighten Lines of Demarcation?

Seven months ago, I had midline Face lift and deep Phenol Chemical Peel done around my mouth and chin. Now I have a deep line of discoloration between the new white skin and old skin, and makeup will not cover it. Will IPL treatment help to alleviate the severe discoloration lines and lighten the dark areas left? I am 58 years old with freckles and sun-damaged skin. I need help!

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IPL for lines of demarcation

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While the IPL is certainly an option for you, for sun damage we would suggest seeking out a physician who uses q-switched lasers.

Q-switched lasers are commonly used for sun spots, freckles, tattoos and birthmarks. The difference between these lasers and IPL is the peak power achieved during the treatment. Because the pulse width (time the laser light actually fires into the skin tissue) is measured in billionths of a second for q-switched lasers. These short pulse widths allow for high peak energy to permanently remove sun damage rather than just blanching it with IPL treatments.

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Yes with Caution

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I think IPL could help but there is no guarantee based on the information you provided me.

I do believe it certainly won't hurt to have the treatment . You have a higher chance of having improvement to the discoloration versus having no result at all. You mention you have sun damaged skin and I feel confident that it will reduce a lot of the visible sun damage.

You could possibly try skin lightning products such as Tri-luma or Obagi to help with the pigmented areas if IPL doen't lift the skin to a desired level.

It is extremely important that you wear sunscreen faithfully to prevent further discoloration of the skin in the areas that are already pigmented from the chemical peel and face lift.

Hope this helps.

Arnold R. Oppenheim, MD
Virginia Beach Dermatologist

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