Will Invisalign Permanently Change my Bite?

I just started Invisalign yesterday, and it seems to be okay so far, but it is changing my bite. It has definitely moved my teeth, and now when I try to bite (when eating, for example), my front top and bottom teeth hit each other (to be specific, the tooth just to the right of my front teeth on the top (lateral incisor I think) the same tooth on the bottom), and I can't bite down fully. Is this something I should contact my dentist about, or will it resolve on its own with treatment? It's really bothering me....

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Change in bite from Invisalign

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Since you have just started Invisalign, what you are feeling is more likely a repositioning of the jaw. This occurs because the aligners that you are wearing don't allow te teeth to touch.

Normally, the teeth will guide the jaw into position, but with the aligners in place, the jaw is free to into any position that it wants to. If you have never experienced any sort of jaw or facial pain, such as TMJ, TMD, or MPD, then you probably have nothing to be concerned about. I would, however, keep my dentist/orthodontist informed of this.

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