Will Invisalign Irritate Gums and Lips Like Traditional Braces?

A person is currently wearing what's called a space maintainer...Not sure why  because all the person want are straighter teeth. Reading some of the comments on Invisalign and want to know the chances of them being extremely irritable like some of the writers were saying.

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Irritation from Invisalign is easily remedied

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Irritation of the gums or lips from the aligner is actually rare, but I do see it every now and then.

The good news is that the irritation is really easy to fix. When I do see the irritation, it is from the edges of the aligners rubbing on the gums or lips.

The remedy is to trim and polish the areas that are rubbing... that’s all!

If you are experiencing this irritation, ask your doctor to trim and polish the aligner. It's quick and easy.

For the most part the aligners are comfortable, and I find my patients find the procedure fun and the results can be outstanding. Have your doctor show you some before and after photos.

And enjoy your straight teeth!

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Invisalign irritates gums?

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Traditional metal braces do cause ulceration and soreness around the soft tissues. The tongue and cheeks being very mobile can become very sore.

Invisalign aligners are only 0.3mm thick. They do not irritate the soft tissues as much as their profile is so small.

Sometimes the side of the tongue can become sore with Invisalign at the beginning as the tongue gets used to the edges. No one has stopped Invisalign at our practice because of minor soreness.

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