Will Fraxel Restore Work on a Burn Scar?

Will fraxel restore (I am based in the UK and think this is what the clinic has) work on a small (approx 1cm diameter) circular burn scar on my cheek? Would using fraxel repair be any better? The scar is about 2 and a half years old and was caused when I used a herbal lotion to remove a mole. It literally burned it off my cheek and left a slightly pitted scar in it's place. The scar is a little bit pink still and it goes very pink/red when I flush or get hot. I have had 6 treatments of pulse dye laser. Any help/advice would be great. Thanks!

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Fraxel restore is likely best option

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While I doubt any procedure will make it 100% better, in my experience Fraxel Restore would be the best option for improvement. Fraxel Repair might be too aggressive, but an experienced dermatologist or plastic surgeon who performs both fractional ablative and non-ablative can objectively choose the best option for you, your defect, and your schedule. Good luck.

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