Will Fraxel Repair Work for Indian Skin?

I am of Indian ethnicity, and suffering from acne scars around the cheek area. I'm wondering, will Fraxel Repair work on my wheatish complexion? Is this procedure safe for me? Since this is such a costly procedure, I would appreaciate some professional advice.

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Fraxel re:pair on Indian Skin


Fraxel re:pair is indicated for patients with Type I-IV skin types, not for Type V-VI. The danger of treating darker skin types is the risk of hyperpigmentation of the treated skin. That having been said, I recently treated an Indian (India, not American) women with cheek acne scarring. She had very light Indian skin. So far she is doing very well with an excellent result on her scars, and normal healing.

Patients and physicians need to weigh the risks and rewards of the treatment with full knowledge of the possibilities of hyperpigmentation. If the scarring is very troublesome to the patient's quality of life, the patient is willing to accept the risk of hyperpigmentation, and the treating physician feels that the benefits far out weigh the risks, the procedure may be undertaken.

Darker skinned patients are often treated with hydroquinolones (skin bleaching agents) for a few weeks before, and then after the treatment to lessen the chance of hyperpigmentation.

Good luck and be well.

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Fraxel Dual is Recommended for Acne Scars

Fraxel Repair is best suited for skin tightening. However, is not recommended for darker skin tones which have higher levels of melanin. Melanin will absorb the laser and if you have a lot of it, it will cause the skin to overheat. This is why ethnic patients are at risk for permanent scarring. Your skin produces collagen to heal itself. The difference between scar tissue and the normal collagen in your skin is the way the fibers are arranged. 

Fraxel Dual on the other hand is highly recommended for the treatment of acne scars. It uses a wavelength of 1550nm which is long enough to reach deeper layers of the skin with very minimal absorption by surrounding melanin pigment. It works by deliberately heating the skin allowing it to produce healthy, normal collagen which gradually takes the place of the collagen in the acne scars. 

I've included a video of a patient who underwent Fraxel Dual for the treatment of her acne scars.


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