Will Eyes by Thermage Help Me?

Will Thermage help me? I'm 25 and I have excess skin/scar tissue around my eyelid from a car accient 6 years ago, I am afriad to do surgery because I did scared Keyloid after the accident, my eye droops and really bothers me, I was also told that a second application can be applied to help dimish the bags under my eyes that I cannot sem to get rid of it, all this will run me about $3,500 at a well know Park Ave New York Dermoloigist office, but I am unsure of the results and if this would last longer than 2 years since I am young?

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I don't think Thermage will help you.

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To rdlandress,

Hi! Looking at your photo, I don't think Thermage is a good investment for you.

I am a big believer in Thermage (see some of my other Thermage answers), but you have to know what it is good for. In general, we have not been impressed with Thermage around the eyes.

Thermage tightens moderately loose skin in the jaw line, arms, belly,and thighs.

The small bags under your eyes can be improved with Restylane injections.

It is hard to tell from the single photo of course, but your full upper lids look attractive to me and I am not sure you should do anything there.

The scar is faint (certainly not a keloid) but a little indented. Perhaps a minor scar revision?

Manhattan Plastic Surgeon

I wouldn't

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First, let me say that I am biased, as I have not seen much in the way of good results from Thermage, and I have seen bad results.

A keloid formed in an accident may or may not portend a keloid from a planned surgical incision, and proper postop care.

My concern for the drooping eye lid (I assume it is the upper!) is that there may be a herniation or tear of a strength layer supporting the upper lid. If this is the case, it would be best addressed surgically by repairing the torn structure. Insuranc will likely pay for this too!

My strong recommendation to you, before you drop your cash, would be to go to a plastic surgeon for an evaluation. Be sure that the doctor feel very comfortable with this type of delicate repair, or will refer you to an opthalmologist who specializes in eyelid surgery.

Thermage may help droopy eyelid skin

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if your skin is hanging lower on the affected side than the other, thermage may help tighten the affected side. Often I treat the forehead and eyelid to induce maximal contraction of the dermal collagen. There is no guarantee that it will work and a very small risk of complications such as an eyelid that is pulled away from the eye, scarring, pigmentation , burns and fat atrophy.

Ronald Shelton, MD
Manhattan Dermatologic Surgeon
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