Will Endermologie Help After Smart Lipo As It Does for Traditional Liposuction?

Will Endermologie help after Smart lipo like it does for traditional liposuction? If so, how long after my surgery can I get started on Endermologie treatments, and how often should I get treatments? Also, how long a series of treatments should I get (4, 14 or 30)?

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Endermologie is great after liposuction!

After any type of liposuction Endermologie is a great post-operative treatment for many reasons. Endermologie increases your circulation and lymphatic flow with every tratment so your recovery is much quicker. Another great benefit is the massage itself helps to reduce the possibility of contour irregularities (lumps or bumps) that may occur after liposuction. In addition many of our patients are happy that these treatments have also reduced their cellulite as well. I recommend starting treatments 10-14 days after your procedure and doing twice weekly treatments, doing a total of 12 treatments. Always check with your surgeon for their recommendation first. Good luck! 

Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon
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Endermologie and liposuction

I am not a big fan of the endermologie machines. If it is used for lymphatic drainage, then it may be valid. I don't usually send my patients for these treatments because in the majority of cases, they will heal well on their own. Smartlipo and "traditional" lipo basically give the same results, so if it worked well for one, it will most likely work for the other.

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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