Will Botox Injections Before Fraxel Repair Produce Better Results?

I am planning to have Fraxel Repair, and have heard that having Botox injections a couple of weeks before having laser treatment will yield better results. Is this true? I would be interested in some advice.

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Combined procedures work best


Better results are usually obtained by combining non invasive procedures such as the ones you mention.  You can expect the same in your case.  Good luck!

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Botox does indeed improve the results

Studies have proven that Botox 2-4 weeks prior to resurfacing (whether it be fully ablative or fractional) definitely improves the results of wrinkle reduction of the crow's feet, and likely the glabellar frown lines and frontalis forehead lines as well. This is becasue the skin is not moving as much during the post-resurfacing collagen replacement period the next few months. The new collagen is laid down in a smooth layer.

Using a prescription retinoid prior to resurfacing also improves results as does the pre- and post-resurfacing use of sunscreen every day.

Good luck!

Mary P. Lupo, MD
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Collagen resurfacing and Botox

Although studies are scarce and can be counted on one hand regarding the combined used of collagen resurfacing techniques and Botox, at least in efficacy versus staged performance of Botox and resurfacing or resurfacing followed by Botox, what we see clinically bears out the following:

Better results are seen when Botox is performed before collagen resurfacing, as collagen is laid down in areas where there is no muscle function.

Hratch Karamanoukian, MD, FACS
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Botox before laser resurfacing is commonly recommended

It is commonly recommended by physicians to perform Botox prior to resurfacing so that the treated area heals on a smoother base rather than having new skin form on an area that keeps creasing as the muscles move.

Many of us who do these procedures see this benefit in the short term but I’m not aware of any medical studies that show that the long term results are better in those patients that did have the Botox done prior to resurfacing.

Keep in mind that resurfacing has been done for more than two decades with excellent results but the use of Botox prior to these procedures is relatively new.

Ronald Shelton, MD
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