Will Aspiration Help Improve Smart Lipo Results?

I had Smart Lipo a year ago on love handles, abdomen and inner thighs. No aspiration was done. I have seen no results, except my lower abdomen seems less flabby. The inner thighs also look a lot bigger, and have some remaining hard lumps (painful when pressed). The clinic agreed to retreat and do aspiration, though I have been warned that rarely is aspiration done on the inner thighs, as skin will sag.

However, the surgeon is prepared to aspirate a little from that area, which is my main target for reduction. Is it true that this is never done on the inner thighs? Can I really expect results this time with aspiration?

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Aspiration is performed in the inner thighs alone and with SmartLipo

It is my understanding that some surgeons in Europe will perform SmartLipo without post procedure aspiration. It is also my understanding that in the United States, the FDA clearance for SmartLipo includes that the procedure is followed by aspiration and not to be done alone. Many surgeons will perform liposction of the inner thighs in a patient with adequate skin elasticity.

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I would not aspirate alone

I am not sure exactly what you mean by "aspirate"? If you are considering more liposuction that is reasonable and certainly Smartlipo is a good idea. you should get a better idea of what your dr means by "aspiration." you are correct in that inner thigh skin generally has poor skin tone and may not tighten as much as you want. Smartlipo may have an advantage in this area. however it is important that you lower your expectations and not expect a fantastic result in the inner thighs.

David E. Berman, MD
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Aspiration is essential and I would seek another surgeon as this one is out of his element

If your surgeon is reluctant to aspirate the fat, they are out of the mainstream and probably don't deserve another chance. It is likely that they haven't performed the actual liposuction before and don't know what they are doing if they end up doing your aspiration.

For this reason as well as the reason that they probably have misinformed you already, you should go elsewhere. The sad thing about SmartLipo is that it only takes a check for $125,000 to purchase this machine. Skill isn't something you can write a check for unfortunately and many out there that proclaim themselves to be masters of SmartLipo couldn't be further from the truth in saying that.

Frequently I will see people who have gone to the wrong person and then are either too ashamed to admit they were wrong or too frugal to realize their mistake and spend what it takes to correct it with a knowledgeable surgeon. Don't make this mistake in this case as it is quite likely you will be dissatisfied or harmed by the procedure.

Joel Schlessinger, MD
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For the best results from laser lipo, the surgeon should aspirate the melted fat. If you leave the damaged and melted fat behind this will cause more scaring and also the result is not as drastic. The other issue is the kind of laser lipo you had. The older lasers were very weak and did not give a good results. The new generation of laser lipo machines are much stronger and also provide much better results

Kamran Khoobehi, MD
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