Wanting information about 15 y.o. breast implants. Can you help?

I have had brest implants for probably 15 yrs. I did not know you were supposed to replace them after time, my brest are in good shape still but it worries me about the long time I've had them. I also don't know what kind of implants they are, In 15 years , how can it be that they are still not leaking, not hard, no lumps, nothing seems to be wrong but it worries me. I'm scared they are going to leak and I won't know it . Should I be concerned or not ? Thank you.

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Get a checkup to be sure, but your breast implants should be fine.

If you have saline breast implants, a leak would be obvious because your breast would have deflated. A leak in silicone breast implants is not as obvious and often can only be detected with an MRI. For your peace of mind, talk with a board certified plastic surgeon

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Wanting information about 15 y.o. breast implants. Can you help?

If you desire exact dx of a leak seek a breast MRI. Or yearly in person boarded PS examinations. But BEST to replace ASAP in my over the internet opinion.

Darryl J. Blinski, MD
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15 year old breast implants

Great question - I am a proponent of if they ain't broke then don't fix it - but... if they are filled with silicone gel, which would be unlikely if they were placed in 2001, you would be due for a breast MRI.  If they are filled with saline - I would just do watchful waiting until their appearance changed!
Best of luck.

15 yo breast implants

15 years and still going strong. That is great. Do not get caught up in a number as far as how long they are suppose to last. There is no reason that you need to replace your implants unless you are having some sort of issue with them. Being 15 years old, they are probably saline and you would for sure know if they had started leaking. Until then, do not worry.

Lawrence Bundrick, MD
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Old implants

Agree with docs below.
If you would like a check up you are welcome to drive up the interstate
Best wishes

Richard Sadove, MD
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Old implants

You do not have to replace your implants on any kind of "schedule".  It is generally recommended to monitor your implants with the help of an experienced physician and image or replace if there are suspected problems. 

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If they are perfectly fine with no issues as you describe, then you can continue watchful waiting with your/a plaswithout concerns.

There is no precise timetable- only guidelines which do not apply in every case.

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Wanting information about 15yo breast implants. Can you help?

Thank you for your excellent question.  Rest assured that if you are not having any issues with your implants it is safe to maintain them in place and not have them exchanged for new ones.  Surgeons previously recommended exchange after 10 years but we have largely backed away from that statement.  As far as the type of implants you have I would reach out to your surgeon's practice to obtain your medical records which should contain this information.  Most surgeons also give patients a medical device tracking card with the patient's implant serial numbers.  Hope that this helps.

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