Can my Wife Get a Breast Reduction? (Photo)

my wife is a 34b and we would love it if she could have them reduced as much as possible. the reason for the reduction is not for a medical reason but for sexual preference.

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Breast reduction for wife

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It is possible to get a breast reduction, however she should understand the risks associated with the surgery and the resulting scars to make an informed decision. She should make the decision for herself, rather than for someone else.

Breast Reduction - For My Wife

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She can - but I don't know that it would be advisable.

There are many reasons to have a breast reduction; among the most common on this forum are pain (neck, back and shoulder), rashes, and bra strap grooving.  But other issues - including sexual preference, transgenderism, etc., are often a factor in this decision.

It would be difficult to reduce the breasts shown in this photo without leaving scars that would, in my opinion, render the result less aesthetic than it is now.  This is, of course, a personal preference; right now, this person has breasts that would be considered desirable by many people (she actually has a little pseudoptosis - the bulk of her breast volume is below the nipples which are otherwise at the "correct" anatomical position).  Modifying this requires scars somewhere - either across the base of the breast, or a vertical mammoplasty ((lollipop incision).  Is that worth it for her?

Maybe.  And that's what she (and you) would have to consider - is it worth modifying what she has now for the reasons you state?  I would probably advise against it but would be open to a discussion and, depending on the motivations, would be willing to reconsider.  For the average patient with this appearance, though, I would not think the a breast reduction is the best course.

I hope that this helps, and good luck,

Dr. E

Reducing the size of your wife's breasts

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Thank you for your question.

I would suggest that your wife visit with board certified plastic surgeons to discuss her desired goals.  I ask patients who come to see me to bring in photos of what they would like to achieve and after I examine them, I can discuss with the patient if she is a good candidate.  Make sure that this is a procedure that your wife is wanting.. most ethical plastic surgeon's won't perform surgery on a patient if she is making a change to make others happy.

I hope this helps.


Reduction from B to A for sexual preference

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Your wife's breasts look completely appropriate and natural.  Personally, I would not undertake this surgery and would suggest that any ethical plastic surgeon refer you to a psychologist or psychiatrist to clarify the basis for the surgery prior to proceeding.  If the goal is a gender change or modification, then this should be explicitly stated. 

Breast reduction for sexual preference

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Sure, it can be done. Only, good luck finding someone who will do it. Don't expect insurance to pick up the bill as she is certainly not large enough.  Dr. H

Breast reduction in small breasted woman

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as you can see the question along with that picture makes for a lot of unhappy plastic surgeons. if is is truly HER request look into the Scarless Reduction which uses liposuction only. Quick easy simple and maybe go 1/2-1 cup size. think carefully before doing this as we are all happy with the picture as it is.

Sherwood Baxt, MD
Paramus Plastic Surgeon

Scarless Breast Reduction

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Her breast are normal in size and shape now, but if she would like them smaller, then I would recommend lipoplasty to her breasts.  The size would probably drop to a cup and the incisions are very small and hidden--SCARLESS BREAST REDUCTION.

Can my Wife Get a Breast Reduction? (Photo)

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Yes as a simple full mastectomy. Best to see boarded PSs in your area to discuss the options with you both. 

Bad question

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Reducing her breasts is not a good idea.  I agree with my colleagues, she has beautiful natural breasts and I wouldn't reduce them.

Breast Reduction for 34 B breasts

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It can technically be done but insurance would not pay for it since she is not having any neck, back or breast problems.

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