Is There Any Medicine to Decrease the Size of Your Boobs?

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Medication to Reduce Breast Size?

No, despite what you may hear/read about, there is no effective medication or lotion to help reduce breast size. If your breast size is a concern, seek consultation with board certified plastic surgeons.  Ask to see lots of examples of their work and communicate your goals clearly.

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Breasts are skin, fat, and gland


Thank you for the question.  Although a breast is composed of skin, fat, and gland most women with large natural breasts have primarily fat.  There are no pills or lotions to decrease the amount of fat in a breast.  Theoretically you can have smaller breasts if you loose weight and there are some weight loads medications out there but a medication specifically to reduce the size of your breasts does not exist.

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Dr Remus Repta

Remus Repta, MD
Scottsdale Plastic Surgeon
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No there is nothing out there that you can take orally to make your breasts smaller. You need to get a reduction if you want them smaller.

Stuart B. Kincaid, MD, FACS (in memoriam)
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon
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