Width of Cannula More for Traditional Lipo or Bodyjet Lipo?

Is the width of the cannula used in traditional liposuction larger than that from a body jet lipo machine? How long will the incision scars be visible post brazilian buttlift? Off topic but hey- many dr have stated giving a patient a ' buttock crease' for the brazillslan buttlift procedure is difficult- why is this l? Ive heard or read it from more than a handfull of Drs, I would seiously love a bottom crase (fold) will i ever be able to wirh plastic surgery!! ?

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Crease Sculpting for Buttocks

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      The buttock crease can definitely be sculpted, and I do it frequently on the patients who want this.   Conventional liposuction can use cannulae that are very small and there is a huge range.  In other words, conventional liposuction can use almost any size cannula.

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