Widening Areola After Converted Vertical List from Benelli, What Can Be Done?

Had vertical lift 2 months ago to correct monster benelli scar. Despite having a long vertical lift up to the beginning of my rib my areola have widened once again. What else can I do this is horrible. I am miserable now more scars with vertical that u can see with bra and areola widening. Photo is user photo

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Scars after lift

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It is very difficult to predict the quality of scars in some individuals after a surgical procedure. Sometimes after things have healed a simple scar revision( when tension is at its minimum) may be an option.

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"Monster Benelli scar" converted to bad vertical scar! This may be a failure more of technique chosen rather than your healing.

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Hi, Mari. I just answered your other question about "Breast Redness After Revision Vertical Lift for 2 months. Normal?" I will reiterate and expand on my comments about your surgeon's choice of technique.

No surgeon knows in advance how an individual patient may scar and heal, and it is always a laudable goal to reduce scars as much as possible. Hence, the attraction of the Benelli periareolar lift--a scar only around the areola. However, the physics of taking a large-circumference circle and trying to purse-string the skin to the circumference of a much smaller circle inevitably leads to some degree of "gathering"  or "pleating" of the skin and an inaccurate skin-skin closure. This is irrespective of the surgical skill and talent of the operator. Bad scars and widening often occur.

Minimal "lifting" can be achieved with a Benelli procedure, the breast tends to flatten, and the scars are often crappy (sorry, but that is the term that best describes it)! Using a permanent suture may help to diminish scar stretching, but there is a trade-off with visible or palpable "cord" or "hoop" around the areola. And the scars still stretch a bit! Your surgeon (or you) were obviously seduced by the supposed "benefits" of the Benelli lift in "reducing" scars.

But it didn't work! (SURPRISE! Go back and read your physics assignment.)

So now you and your surgeon try a lift that tightens the breast skin in one dimension only, and gives you bad scars (again) that now cross onto your chest wall. This, IMHO, is a failure of the type of lift chosen when lifting and tightening in more than one dimension is needed, but tightening in one dimension only is performed.

If local scar measures I described in my previous post do not help you long term, you will likely need the operation you probably should have had in the first place. You will require a full Wise (anchor) mastopexy with precise skin tailoring and expert closure with minimal tissue damage and very fine monofilament sutures (braided dissolving sutures have a higher likelihood of bacteria in the interstices of the suture, causing stitch abscess or inflammation that induces bad scars). If you have implants, they may need to be a bit smaller.

Let things heal for now, and then consider seeing one or more ABPS-certified plastic surgeons for additional opinions. Perhaps this is just a result of your own genetics and bad scar healing, but after two failed surgical efforts it may be time for a change. For an example of  one of my patients with a similar story click on the link below. Best wishes!

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