Are There Ways To Narrow My Wide Nostrils?

I have wide/big nostrils. Can surgeon narrow it A LOT? Can they be barely vertical?

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Alar base reduction narrows nostrils, often at the same time as rhinoplasty

An alar base reduction is often but not always performed at the same time as a rhinoplasty. Small incisions are made where the nostrils meet the cheek - and one of the downsides to this technique is that the incisions may be somewhat visible once healed. The video below explains alar base reduction.

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Are Their Way To Narrow My Wide Nostrils?

Hi Jay,
Yes it is possible to narrow the nostrils a lot. Usually Ii perform a vertical and horizontal narrowing for very large nostrils. Below is a link with many examples of narrowed large nostrils.

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Nostril Reduction is Possible

What you are asking about is called Alar Base Reduction. It is commonly called Weir excisions after the surgeon who originally  described it. There are different types of reductions and it depends on the deformity at hand. It can be done to just reduce the ala without changing the nostril dimension or it can be a reduction of both. Your surgeon who examines you will determine and recommend what is best for you. It does entail external incisions on the outside of the nose but these are placed in the alar crease (where the nose joins the cheek) so that the resultant scars are not that visible. This procedure is most commonly done at the time of a complete rhinoplasty. Hope this helps.

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Narrowing Wide Nostrils

Wide nostrils can e narrowed, but I don't know what you are asking when you suggest you want them narrowed "a lot". That is a very subjective term. The nostrils should be brought into proportion with the rest of your nasal structures.

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Nostril narrowing during rhinoplasty

The most important concept during rhinoplasty is BALANCE.  Wide nostrils can be narrowed but only to the point of good proportionality.  Review with your surgeon your goals.  Look at pre and post op pictures to see how he/she views balance in the face.  Beware of the surgeon whose pre and post op pictures reveal an over-operated, unnatural result.

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Narrowing nostrils

Depending upon the individual, the nostrils can be narrowed, but they can not be narrowed too much or it may cause breathing difficulties.  Differnt forms of alar base reduction can be performed to accomplish your goals.

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Nostril reduction with rhinoplasty

Alar reduction surgery can be done to reduce the size of the nostril.  Your surgeon will determine if reduction in the nostril size, the nostril flare, or a combination of both is required.  Incisions typically are placed along the floor or sill of the nostril and occasionally extend externally along the external nostril. Computer imaging can help with planning the procedure.  Scarring will result but generally when performed by a trained facial plastic surgeon or plastic surgeon, scars are difficult to detect after full healing.

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Nostril narrowing.

Yes, the nostrils can be narrowed. How much will depend on your nostril and tip shape and what might be done to the tip.

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Flared or wide nostril reduction

Wide nostrils can be significantly reduced through a number of different techniques known as alar base reductions.  Depeding on if it is the nostril opening that is wide or if there is too much nostril flare, either internal, external or a combination of the techniques can be utilized to reduce them.  First find a skilled rhinoplasty surgeon who has done these procedure before.

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Yes, they can be narrowed

But -- you dont want to narrow them too much . It is called an alar base resection where part of the flare is removed. A small scar is in the crease, but when it heals it is barely visible.

William B. Rosenblatt, MD
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