I was Told that By Narrowing the Nasal Bone that I Wouldn't Have to Narrow the Nostrils, True?

my nose is wide, mainly at the upper part ,,also the part under the nasal bones is wide...my doctor told me that he will narrow the bones and raise the tip and reduce its high..(sorry i dont know the medical expressions )..he said that by narrowing the bones the part under it will be narrowed also and i dont need to narrow the nostrils..is this true? narrowing the upper part will narrow the part under it or there is some thing else should be done..thnx

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Will you need to narrow the nostrils if your nasal bones are narrowed during rhinoplasty?

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Will you need to narrow the nostrils if your nasal bones are narrowed during rhinoplasty? That is a great question and one that requires an in-office consultation to answer. The issue that your plastic surgeon has brought up is that changing one part of the nose can disrupt the harmony or balance of the rest of the nose. Specifically, if your nasal bones and nostrils are wide, there is balance there. Narrowing the upper 1/3 of your nose without doing something with the lower 1/3 (nostrils) can throw off that balance and make the nostrils appear to be wider and more out of balance than before. I would recommend you return to your plastic surgeon for further discussion or obtain a second opinion from a plastic surgeon who performs ALOT of rhinoplasty.

Thank you for you question.

Stephen Weber MD, FACS

Plan ahead

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You and your surgeon need to discuss what you want and what needs to be done to get it. If you are not satisfied with one opinion, get another.

Narrowing Nasal Bones and Nostrils

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Narrowing your nasal bones will not change the width of the nostrils, but it might bring the the bones into proportion with with the nostrils and the remainder of your nose. Without pictures it is impossible to offer any suggestions about what should be done.

Richard W. Fleming, MD
Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Narrowing the top and bpttom of the nose

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The key to performing a good rhinoplasty begins with the initial examination.  It is critical to be able to assess nasal/facial proportions and balance and to integrate this knowledge with patient desires and expectations.  Tell you surgeon what you don't like about your nose and see if what is recommended makes sense.  If not, get another opinion.  Be sure to see a portfolio of the surgeon's work.

Narrowing the nose

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Osteotomies performed on the bones will narrow the upper third of the nose.  Narrowing the base may or may not be indicated by its relationship to the rest of the nose and face.  An exam would be helpful in determining this.

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