Wide Nose and Hump After Rhinoplasty?

I'm 6 weeks post-op after an open rhinoplasty to remove a dorsal hump and to narrow the bridge and nostrils and lift the tip.Now I begin to see than my nose isn't totally symmetrical,specially in photos,one nostril seems bigger than the other , also i can recognize a small hard bump on my bridge that i think it's a hump , and I can feel a bump on the left side of my nose that is hard ,also I think that this is a hump that makes my nose look wider .. Can you tell me if those things are normal ?

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Wide nose and hump after rhinoplasty?

After 6 weeks, you will still be experiencing swelling. In general, 70% of the swelling is resolved after the first 3 months and the remainder goes down over time. Swelling may be influenced by the following: Whether the procedure was open or closed, whether the procedure was a revision, the thickness of the patient's skin, and whether or not tip work was performed. Swelling can result in the appearance of asymmetry and irregularities. I would give it some time and see how you continue to heal. The final result may not be evident for 18-24 months after surgery. Your surgeon should be able to answer any post-operative questions you have, as they know the details of your surgery and exactly what was performed. I hope this helps, and I wish you the best of luck.

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Too early to judge final result

At six weeks you are still very early in your recovery period.  Given time you nasal shape will change.

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Wide Nose and Hump After Rhinoplasty?

This early after rhinoplasty, it is premature to be concerned about the final result.   The swelling is going to be very prominent at this early stage.                         



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Wide Nose and Hump After Rhinoplasty 6 weeks after surgery?

Thanks for the question.Six weeks  after nose job its normal to feel irregularities on the surface at some places that you think are humps or bumps and nostril asymmetry.They all settle in time.I wish you good luck.

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