Wide Alae After Graft?

Hello, I had rhinoplasty a couple of days ago. My doctor said I needed a graft at my alar side wall, because I had a pinched look and he wanted me to have a more triangular base. I know I'm just two days post op ( I have removed the nasal pack though)- but my alae look wayyy wider and wayyy thicker, almost like someone stuck markers up my nostrils:S Does this kind of graft widden the alae? Judging by the pictures below,did I even need this procedure?

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Grafts to alae made them wider

You are 2 days after a Rhinoplasty, so you will need to wait for a month or so to see.  Commonsense says that by adding a graft to the sides, of the alae...this would make the area more wide, not less...IMHO.

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Rhinoplasty Results

Three days after your rhinoplasty is far too early to make an assesment of your results. You need to be patient and allow the swelling to subside over the next 4-6 months. At that point you will have a good idea on the surgical result. Discuss the role of the graft with your surgeon so you know exactly what graft he/she used and for what purpose.

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You are still very swollen, you have to be patient. If you removed a dressing your doctor put on, you should see him/her and make sure it is OK to leave off.  The healing/ recovery process is so important to your final result.

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