Would traditional braces on the bottom and the invisible lingual braces on top help my case? (Photo)

For years I have contemplated braces, but with a pretty smile and decently straight teeth I knew I could get away with it for awhile, especially since it wasn't something that wasn't noticeable. My open front bite has always concerned me, making it harder for me to bite down on certain foods or favoring one side of my mouth while I eat. Now venturing off into young adulthood, I want to TRULY focus on perfecting my smile. Any suggestions on what would work best? Estimates? Anything would help!

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Anterior Open Bite: Oral Myofunctional Therapy will probably allow open bite to close.

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An anterior open bite is almost always a habit problem related to tongue posture and swallow patterns.Orthodontics can close the bite but the tongue will open it up again.  You should also be checked for andterior and posterior tethered lingual ligaments that are common in open bites.  OMT is usually a year long program to change and reinforce new habits for a lifetime of better health, breathing and posture.The Academy of Applied Myofunctional Sciences (AAMS)  and the Academy of Oral Myofunctional Therapy (AOMT) are excellent resources.

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